Legend has it that there exists a world-wide network of underground egg factories that pop eggs into the world via magical portals. Find these portals by scanning with your device, then once you find the plane, prepare to collect as many eggs as you can!

Collect so many eggs!

Collect a dozen eggs! And another dozen eggs! So many awesome eggs!

Watch out for Bunny Tibb!

This bad attitude bunny will pelt you with rotten eggs.

Avoid Rotten Eggs!

Be on the look out for those pesky Rotten Eggs!

36 + Fun Challenges!

Survive the Round for a certain amount of time, Dodge the Bad Eggs that Tibb throws at you.

Stun Tibb Before he hits you

Stun Tibb (the Bunny) by tapping him before he pelts you with eggs.

Catch or Dodge Eggs

Catch the Good Eggs that Tibb throws at you.


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